Real good news for aftermarket buyers

by American Watercraft Association

There’s no secret about the quality of modern personal watercraft. For years now, manufacturers have made the reliability and durability of watercraft a priority which has directly translated into long lasting and durable product for owners. And we haven’t even broached the amazing evolution of technology today’s watercraft possess.

Some riders continue to operate watercraft in excess of twenty years old, or more. Given the advancements of modern power plants, high tech hulls and electronics, it’s perfectly reasonable to foresee modern personal watercraft gliding over the water decades into the future.


Yamaha, recognizing this reality, has introduced a Certified Pre-Owned Program for Personal Watercraft.

When you think about it, it’s surprising it hasn’t been done already.

This opens up an entire new realm to owners – a marketplace eliminating the “20 questions” aspect of buying used watercraft. Actually, it answers 35 questions via a rigorous 35 Point inspection; is stamped with Yamaha’s seal of approval and backed up with a one year warranty. Better yet, they’ll even finance it for you.

When buying used watercraft, be it over the ‘net, from a buddy, or an ad in the paper, the phrase   caveat emptor, or “buyers beware” applies. Yamaha eliminates those nagging questions. Consumers may now visit their local Yamaha dealers and find certified pre-owned WaveRunners for sale right next to new models from their trusted dealership.


 “This Certified Pre-Owned program creates a whole new purchase experience for consumers seeking high value and peace of mind.  We back these units with a free warranty and each unit is rigorously inspected. On top of that, our special financing offers put these units within reach of even more buyers” says Yamaha Watercraft’s National Marketing Manager Bryan Seti.

Here’s how it works:

  • Visit your local Certified Pre-Owned Yamaha dealership and browse their inventory of Certified Pre-Owned WaveRunners.

  • All of your questions will be answered by a trained Yamaha sales professional.

  • Every unit has passed a rigorous 35 Point inspection and is stamped with Yamaha’s seal of approval.

  • Certified Pre-Owned WaveRunners qualify for 0% interest for six months with special low financing available after that.

  • Units also come with a comprehensive 12 month factory warranty at the time of sale and your dealer can offer even longer warranties as you require.


 For more information on Yamaha’s Certified Pre-Owned program is available at ­